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Aspire Networks offers mobile services underpinned by Australia’s highest quality and most reliable network. With more than 6,400 4G and 8,100 3G sites, you can offer 4G coverage that reaches 96.5% of the Australian population, plus our combined 4G and 3G footprint reaches more than 98.5% of the Australian population.As well as superfast speeds, we know you also expect consistent, reliable network coverage.A mobile phone should be mobile, so you can live, play and work to the fullest.

Fixed Wireless

Connect better than ever before with Australia’s leading Fixed Wireless Ethernet network for business.
Our network delivers carrier-grade, high-availability, symmetrical broadband performance, with speeds up to 1Gbps and the agility of the air.
Connecting an organisation with traditional cabling can be unfeasible (when remote), prohibitively expensive (when fibre), impossible (in ‘last mile’), too slow (in the case of ADSL) or too crowded (3G/4G). The most cost effective high performance solution is Fixed Wireless.

Fixed Wireless Ethernet by Aspire Networks is an extremely simple way to quickly deliver IP connectivity. We install our radio transceiver as required, and connect your switching network to our high speed wireless connection via the standard Cat 5 Ethernet cable in your building.

Aspire Networks has the experience and expertise to customise a solution that meets your specific connectivity needs. We employ point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links using our own national Fixed Wireless network to connect your site to other sites locally or across the country

Why make it so hard? Time to consider an Aspire Networks Fixed Wireless Ethernet solution. It delivers the speed and reliability you need almost everywhere, with the flexibility to scale as business conditions change. You’ll discover that it’s the best way to:

Network users inside your organisation will feel the benefit of fast, reliable symmetrical connectivity without any of the lag or contention associated with DSL, or the high cost of fibre. Your organisation saves money and saves time.

The transceiver connects to the customer’s network via a standard CAT5 cable and is presented as Ethernet connection to any computer, firewall, router or another Ethernet device. Client users on that network simply plug in as per normal and enjoy fast symmetrical connectivity without the lag of contention associated with DSL, or the cost of fibre.

Business Grade Fibre

Aspire Networks’s Business Grade fibre products are the first in the Asia Pacific region and second in the world, to have received Carrier Ethernet 2.0 E-Line certification by the MEF. Further, our Managed Leased Line product using the Ethernet interface option is currently Carrier Ethernet 1.0 E-Line certified by the MEF.Our commitment means that when you choose our data products, you know you’re working with a leading company, committed to industry best-practice, and intent on keeping you at the forefront of technology with appropriately certified solutions.


Aspire Networks owns and operates one of Australia’s largest interconnected IP voice network, and has established a robust network presence in New Zealand.

The carrier-grade network includes high speed fibre connectivity between major cities, and modern VoIP nodes in all regional call collection zones.This extensive telecommunications infrastructure provides complete fixed voice coverage across Australia and New Zealand.

All network infrastructure is underpinned by world-class carriage technology and software, enhancing the quality and efficiency of call routing.

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